Lockdown Edition: Positive Bodies (Day 3)

Updated: Nov 8, 2020


Finally done with stargazing.


It’s beautiful! Did you do it with masking fluid or paint the stars on?


Masking fluid. So much harder than it looks.


It is super tricky, I’m off it for a bit because it keeps ripping my paper.... clearly I’ve lost the knack! Really effective here though.

This is my work in progress for positive bodies.. can’t decide if I want to carry on or leave it as it is.

Mathilde: This is mine, I’ll send a better version tomorrow.


Oh he looks handsome! I love the style!

I decided to add some watercolour to mine:

I decided to add the prompt ‘Positive Bodies (looking after ourselves)’ to our list for lockdown inspiration because, as someone with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Endometriosis, building and maintaining a positive relationship with my own body has become an absolutely key focus of my daily life (one that often used to be an after-thought, behind KFC, cigarettes, booze, and generally hedonistic activities.) We have now, nationally and globally, been faced with a situation where we are all having to weigh up our levels of health, consciously or not. For anyone with a long-standing medical condition, we have to decide where we sit on a scale of vulnerability, whilst those without are still weighing up their standards of general health.

Lockdown, for some of those not on the front line, can strangely provide an opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with, well, ourselves in the more physical sense and take the time to do the things on a daily basis that perhaps usually we’re a bit too rushed to do. Things that my incredible Occupational Therapist has been coaching me on for the passed 11 months and that are good practice whether faced with illness or not; things like sleeping, exercise, cooking, routine, exercise, breathing, meditation, intimacy, and managing our emotions. It just sounds like a big checklist, but the difference when these pieces of the puzzle really start falling into place is everything. So I decided for this prompt that I would like to share a book recommendation with you. ‘The Wellness Project’, by self-professed hedonist and chef (what a fantastic combination) Phoebe Lapine, is a big health experiment that is both entertaining to read about and so incredibly useful in informing potential small life changes for health and wellbeing. Lapine herself lives with a thyroid issue which inspired this year-long experiment, but her research and findings are relevant to all as good health practice, and particularly useful for people who, like me, do not have the greatest willpower in the world. Plus, it has a cocktail on the front.

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