Lockdown Edition: Resting, Friendship & Letting Go

While I (Beckie) am in the grips of assignments and unexpected commissions (when it rains, it pours), here is a heart-warming update from Mathilde to sum up the passed few days and remind me, yet again, why Friendship was one of our chosen prompts. I’m looking forward to being able to join back in, especially after being so inspired by Mathilde’s forever original outlook.





Letting Go

To me, birds flying away are the epitome of letting go. Once in Trinidad, the parrot lost its mate. It hung out for days outside of work. One day it realised its mate was dead and there was no coming back. It just flew away.

The Wonder of Technology


I have lived far away from my family for a long time but not knowing when I will see them next can make the wait seem long. Thanks to the wonder of technology, I got to sit for 2 hours watching my aunts work. She’s the double bass in the middle... Also sitting for 2 hours listening to music is a great mix of [the prompts] Slowing Down, We Can Still Make Music, Loving and Rest.

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