Lockdown Edition: The Beauty of Autumn (Day 2)

“As long as Autumn lasts, I shall not have hands, canvas and colours enough to paint the beautiful things I see” Van Gogh

Lostwithiel this morning...


Okay so because this is a day “late” and this is one of my favourite colourings, even if I did it 2 years ago, I decide it was worth the celebrations of the beauty of Autumn...

From Millie Marotta’s ‘Animal Kingdom’


I love the colours, love the gradient from greens to burnt reds and oranges 👏 just doing mine at the moment, trying to get that same combo of teals and teds! Also thought I would post that painting of the Maidenhair. [a painting commissioned for Mathilde that I painted in September]


Ahhh the Gingko Biloba! Yes!


So I started 2 paintings and failed to complete either! Bad form! I did however record a cover song (trying to get my singing voice going again) which has nothing to do with Autumn, but for some reason sounds like Autumn to me; sounds strange, but it sounds like rusty orange colours and cold weather.. I’m going to finish the bottom painting tomorrow, it‘s of some of the leaves from my walk this morning.

Tomorrow’s prompt: Positive Bodies (looking after ourselves)

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