New Zealand Part III: The Kindness of Strangers


Are you travelling solo now then?


Yes but I have been meeting friends. I am currently at a friend’s Christchurch and I am supposed to get the train in 3 hours to Wellington. They did suggest for me to stay longer and pay some of my flight to Auckland plus find me somewhere to crash but I feel that would be profiting out of their niceness...

This is Davis. Davis is the nephew of the guy at the back of the picture. The guy at the back of the picture is a guy I met on a supporters bus I took to make my sister jealous. Turns out he lives in Christchurch and offered me his spare room for when I was visiting. So here are the Kiwis for you: you meet them on a bus and you end up hanging out with their nephews, playing Lego at the library and going to the park to eat ice-cream.
The middle of nowhere is great! Internet on the boat though...


Love the pic of Davis [...] I know instantly what I’m doing with that one, it might be a bit more illustrative and imaginative than what I’ve done so far!

I made this digital painting using the ProCreate app on an iPad Pro. I considered calling it ‘Inevitability’ rather than ’Wonder’ when I thought about the ice cream slowly melting its way towards Davis’ face haha!

I think Mathilde probably assumes I have called it Wonder because of Davis staring wonderingly into his ice cream, however it is actually referring to the wonder that is Mathilde and her ability to capture the magical moments that sum up the people that she meets and greets so warmly and enthusiastically as she travels, just as she did with me when we first met 6 years ago. It is one of the things that makes her a fantastic MFL teacher, instantly recognising that potential and brilliance in every student, every teacher and staff member, every parent...

🇫🇯 Next Week: Sunsets in Fiji 🇫🇯

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