Taiwan: The Shrine on the Mountain

View from the bottom of the mountain.


To say I have 100 versions of this picture [see below] is only slightly exaggerating. I knew that day was my day to get our picture - I had some hopes a few days before as it was Taiwan’s National Day but the only worthy picture shows the face of 2 old ladies and I haven’t asked their permission to publish it.

So that day I went hiking in Yangmingshan, a national park in the North of Taipei. When I arrived, a cloud was covering the top so I knew what I was in for. The one thing I wasn’t prepared for was how strong of egg the cloud smelled.

All the way to the top I was hoping the forest would give me some magic. It only gave me a 25% slope up with stairs so I concentrated on that and my breath.

This was on on the way down on the other side of the mountain which was like a wild prairie. I have rarely seen such a magical sight. When this little shrine appeared I thought of you. Here is my photo for Beckie... I will stand in that cold wind until the cloud is where I need it to be...


Just incredible! It’s so amazing to me that you were stood somewhere so completely mysterious and magical and still thought of your friend back in the UK. I really feel like I’m there when I look at those photos! Look at that mist and cloud! I can’t wait to paint this, bit worried I cant do it justice, how do you paint something so atmospheric?


You don’t stick to it. You add your own magic.


A4 Ink & Watercolour, work in progress status. Sometimes it takes a little longer to create a piece which captures your intention...

Next stop:

New Zealand 🇳🇿

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