The Carnival of Trinidad

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Photo by Patrick Rasoanaivo: Mathilde & friends enjoying the Carnival.


How was carnival?


Noisy. That’s [a recording] from my bedroom. It’s 7am. It started yesterday at 4am officially and finishes today at 7pm. I partied 1st night, now I am taking pictures. It’s photography paradise. Choosing for next week is going to be hard work, but it will probably be an oldish person in a costume.


I totally forgot to send you a photo on Friday. Choosing it has been so hard. The Carnival of Trinidad is a party so the photo needed that. It has fabulous costumes so the photo needed that. Finally, it is an ode to bodies: old, young, small, big, tall, short, every shade in the book. This is where you come to accept yourself and feel accepted.

We made a comment about people who come here with no visible attachment to Trinidad and play mas (parade). We were fast told that no one cared as long as they had fun... so there. This photo is by far not my most beautiful but this woman is the Carnival of Trinidad in a nutshell.


She is beautiful, it sounds like an epic celebration of the likes that should be held everywhere - the world would be a much happier place!

A4 felt tip pens, brush marker pens & water.

Here she is, I hope I’ve done her an ounce of justice!

Thanks for reading!

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