Tobago: Paradise has Hummingbirds


So I am leaving Tobago today to go back to Trinidad for CARNIVAL! I am so excited! This week has been full of incredible people. I have felt so lucky in so many ways.
The photo is of a hummingbird that we saw on a hike to the Twin Falls. We saw three different species and one we saw drinking off the fall. The little island of Tobago is a small paradise and an amazing place to rest.
This photo and the one for next week will be taken with a 55-200 lease because my friend Thom is here and he has an 18-55 so we can mix up the technique.


The pic of the hummingbird is beautiful, I’m pretty excited to paint this one, hope I can do it justice! Carnival sounds epic, and Tobago sounds like where I want to be right now - hummingbirds and waterfalls!

Watercolour on A4, cold-pressed watercolour paper.

Hey I’m sorry it’s taken me so long but here is your hummingbird! I wanted to do the whole pic rather than focusing in on just the hummingbird as I love the colours in the photograph, and I’m trying not to be a lazy painter who avoids backgrounds..


Once again you brought to life a photo that needed clarity!

Initial sketch in black fine-liner.

The process - sketch, masking fluid, background, foreground, subject. (Music: 'Angel & Her Ghosts', original)

Thanks for reading!

Next post: Carnival!

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