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Hello and welcome back to our blog - it’s been quite a while!

On Friday, Mathilde Petite took flight once again after a month of enjoying homely comforts in the company of friends and family both in France and the UK. My wife and I were lucky enough to have several days with Mathilde here in Cornwall, during which we could chat again person about her adventures, and spent most of our time sat on the floor with paint, pencils and paper strewn across the coffee table.


Mathilde is now in South America for the next part of her journey, and so before I receive her first chosen photo, I wanted to use this time to catch you up on what you missed during my pre-Christmas silence, while I dedicated my time to the numerous commissions and house move that dominated my festive season, alongside adjusting to life with CFS/ME.


In preparation for getting going with our blog again, I spent the last couple of weeks pushing myself to produce artwork that put me well outside of my comfort zone using the selection of wildlife photography Mathilde sent me in late November (see full selection of photos below.)

Here are the resulting paintings which I called “studies” at the time. This changed my approach and frame of mind, and turned the process into one of exploration rather than heading for a result. I hope you like them! Feel free to comment and share, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Tomorrow, I will be posing a throwback to November in Australia, with the last of the wildlife photos Mathilde shared with me (for now...)

Thanks for reading x

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