Wise Monkeys

Orangutan Foundation International

Saving a species, a habitat, an ecosystem

I chose to support OFI in early 2019 because I wanted to do something to contribute to the causes that I believe in so fervently, whilst unable to get out into the world and support them on the ground. 

OFIs methods spoke to me as I researched the different charities I could work with. One of their principal strategies is to use the money donated to them to buy swathes of the rainforest in order to protect these areas against deforestation. They then work with the indigenous population to maintain a strong and healthy ecosystem, in which the humans, orangutans and other inhabitants and plant life can flourish and co-exist without the imminent threat of destruction.

This of course has a knock-on positive impact on a global scale. The most powerful machine on this earth for converting CO2 to the O2 we need to breathe, whilst maintaining cloud cover and humidity to cool the planet, is a tree. The only way to attempt to reverse the damage done by the human race is to protect and nurture as many forests as we can, to stop burning these for unnecessary consumption.

I am so incredibly proud to be working in partnership with OFI, and so grateful to those of you who have already made a contribution to their work.

A portion of each Wise Monkey print sale goes to OFI, and £20 from each A3 Wise Monkey Commission (full price £40). To make a purchase, please complete the order form in the Shop, and to learn more about OFI please click the button below to visit their website.